Crystal Healing Sessions

Crystal Grid for Radiant Health

Have you seen my new announcement about my Crystal Reiki healing sessions?

I am now offering specific distant Crystal Healing sessions. You pick an area in your life you would like some extra TLC, and I create a grid and send you Crystal Reiki energy.

See all my offerings here, and the session details:

Crystal Grid for Love

I was also thinking maybe it would be cool to add one more option!
What about a Group healing grid, focusing on one of the grid themes each month? πŸ’ž
If we get at least 11 people to sign up, we will set the Group sessions up, and they will be 22 a month, instead of the individual session at 33 U S D.
This helps people save a little, yet still get the same amount of crystal energy!
If you’re interested, invite a friend and let’s get our first group of 11 going! πŸ’ž
Comment below or email me if you’re interested. I will add your name to the list until we get all our people.

I am really excited about offering these sessions! I have been doing Reiki and Crystal Healing for over 7 years now. I love being able to combine them in an easy way.

Crystal Grid for Releasing Depression

Sometimes people just need a little help to ease them into starting their own healing journey. Sometimes they could just use a little boost. I love to empower others. Even though I am creating the grid, you are setting the intention. And there is enormous power in that.

~Ocean Blessings~



Using Essential Oils

I wanted to give a shoutout to my friend Katie at Essential Journeying. I have been asking her for the past few years to hold online essential oil classes, because I really wanted to learn more from someone that was certified in oils.

The Wisdom of the Earth oils she sells are divine! And Katie is such a knowledgeable, fun-loving, and compassionate soul to learn from.

So since the big Quarantine happenned, she started teaching classes through Zoom sessions on Wednesday nights! This is awesome, because I am too far from Arizona, where she is located.

Oh my Goddess, I have learned so much in the past few months about working with these oils, even yoga, and healing myself on new levels!

I really feel since I started to work with the energy of the oils, what she teaches, it has made big changes in my life.

My confidence has grown, I have started to lose weight and eat healthy (finally), and learned to appreciate the oils for how they affect change in our bodies and auras. Not just how they smell. I am even incorporating the oils into my distance Reiki sessions. I also have a full bedtime routine to help me sleep as well. And the manifesting oils in the photo above, really have helped!

So if you have ever been curious about working with Essential Oils on a deeper level. Then checkout Katie’s next class. She has signs ups for July already, and I guarantee you won’t be dissapointed! And you get to hang out with some other cool ladies that are on a similar journey.

Check out Katie here:

on Facebook

On her website for classes:

Just tell her Sarah sent you πŸ₯°

Ocean Blessings sent your way!

Healing Heart

Earlier today I had a Reiki attunement for a client.
I started off the day pretty heavy hearted over the state of the world, and wasn’t sure I would be up for it, by our scheduled time.

But by stepping back and doing heart healing on myself, I was able to transmute that energy through Reiki, and raise my vibration. After the Attunement it raised even more.

Throughout the day, I kept going to my heart space when things came up. Finally, tonight I was in a group clearing that was amazing, and that really brought my spirit back up.

I can go to bed now feeling, so grateful, so blessed, and so happy that I was able to lift myself up and attract the right energy to me.

That I was able to heal my heart, hold space for others to heal, and even send healing to the Earth.

Sometimes, we just have to look outside of ourselves for a brief moment to gain perspective. To teach ourselves how to bring in balance, and be able to move forward.

One thing I really love to do is focus on the Heart Chakra. If we don’t spend enough time loving ourselves, then it makes it harder to truly love others.

None of us are perfect. Even Healers need healing and help from outside ourselves. So never feel like you can’t find help or you don’t deserve it. We all do. We all deserve to heal our hearts. We all deserve forgiveness and love.

If you cannot do that for yourself, I would be honored to guide you through that during a Reiki session.

I am grateful to have gone through my own experiences, because they help me to help others. They have taught me to have love and compassion for myself, which allows me to hold space for you to do the same.

I just want you to know, I am here if you need a hand. If you need a guide back to loving you. πŸ’ž

Ocean Blessings, Sarah

Ocean Energy Healing Package

🌊REIKI SPECIAL: This is a package of (3) Holistic – 30 minute Ocean Energy sessions, that will be done over the course of 3 weeks time, to help build up the Reiki within in your system, for optimal health and well being. We can also focus on a certain ailment, or physical or emotional issue.

Artwork by Lassen

🌊I will also draw 3 Oracle cards from the Ocean Oracle deck.
🐬I love to work with Elemental energy, and I tap into the healing powers of the Ocean to cleanse and refresh you energetically. And help to infuse your body, mind, and spirit with calm.
🌊An email will be sent afterwards each session, with details.

🌊As a gift for booking the package: You will receive a 4th session to focus solely on balancing your chakras. You are allowed to gift this session to a friend if you, know someone who really could use some Reiki!
🌊This is to help you on your holistic journey, towards good health and happiness.
🌊If you are interested, follow this link to sign up. Then please message me at to set up your sesson times. It is 111 USD regularly 222

10% of the Proceeds from this booking, will be donated to the creation of masks for hospitals

🌊What a great way to treat your body, mind, and spirit, to some extra tlc during this time.

~Ocean Blessings Sent your Way~

Atlantean Healing Meditation

I just recorded a 6 minute healing meditation, tapping into the frequencies of Atlantis. During this guided meditation you will meet dolphins, sealions, mermaids, and a water Dragon. Be open to receive the healing energy from our ocean guides and allow Ocean Reiki to flow to you.

Artist unknown

Listen to Atlantean Healing Meditation by Ocean Dreams Reiki on #SoundCloud

Ocean Blessings, 🌊 Sarah 🌊

Ocean Dreams Reiki Special!


(Image of the sea at sunset in Tolo, Greece, outside our waterfront hotel!)

Hello Lovely Ocean Dreamers!

I am back from vacation, and feeling so loving and grateful for my life! I wanted to share this happy energy with the world! The energy of the relaxing ocean at sunset. To bring you a sense of calm, inner peace, gratitude, and harmony. Helping you to go with the flow, and relax into creating your dreams!

I am offering this special for the month of June (but you can still purchase it these last days of May). If you BOOK 4 relaxing Reiki Sessions, you Get 1 Free. You can even gift some of these sessions to family members!

They are 30 minute, Distance Ocean Reiki Sessions for relaxation, peace, harmony, and balance. I layer each session with Ocean Reiki and Crystal Healing, as well. I will also choose an Oracle card for you at each session. Then I will email you a photo of the crystals and card after the session is over.

We can set up a time. Usually in the evening, when you are able to relax the most. I am in the Eastern Time Zone, so I usually do sessions after 9pm when my little ones are asleep. But I am a bit more flexible with sessions on Sundays.

We can spread these sessions out over 5 weeks, if they are just for you. Or over 5 months, Or if you really need an extra boost of healing, we could do 2 sessions a week. It’s up to you! And if you are gifting one of the sessions with a family member, we will set up a time for them.

You can even receive Reiki when you are working or sleeping! Or we can set the intention for you to receive it when you need it the most, through the day. For example if you are having an exam at school, a doctor’s appt. or surgery etc.

Reiki has its own intelligence and will flow at the perfect time for you!

So treat yourself to some loving care andΒ Book a Session today!

~*Blessings of the Land, Sea, and Sky sent your way!*~


Website: Ocean Dreams Reiki

Facebook: Ocean Dreams Reiki and Crystals

Aries Season – Triple Threat

So Mercury just shifted into Aries… for the next several weeks!

Mercury is the planet of communication.
β™ˆAries is the planet of War!

And the Sun is in Aries.

And Chiron (the Wounded Healer) is in Aries.

Talk about explosive!!πŸ”₯

Emotions are heated. Watch your tempers and most importantly your words.

I watched this today on the playground. All the kids were arguing with each other. Having meltdowns. Fighting over things, they would normally be happy about.
Oy!!! I am like WTF is going on!

Well now I know. Lol.

Stay grounded. Meditate. Walk away before you piss someone off, that you care about.

Time to chill. Use all that Aries energy for creativity and healing instead. Jump start your dreams. Just don’t let anyone stand in your way, or they may get slapped. πŸ˜‰

If you need a little help bringing the calming energies in, then come book an Ocean Reiki relaxing session! We can focus on counteracting those Fire energies, with soothing water.

~Ocean Blessings~


National Dolphin Day

Happy National Dolphin Day ~ April 14th! πŸ¬πŸ’™πŸ¬ Today we will chat about Dolphin energy!

First, go ahead and comment below, to receive the playful energy of the Dolphins!

Then come back up here to read more!

Dolphins are wonderful helpers in spiritual healing work! They are playful, yet determined. I often call upon their energy, to help me in Reiki sessions with clients.

They will swim around the clients, creating a spinning vortex. This helps to release any stagnant and trapped energy. Then they will swim around in the other direction, creating beautiful bubbles of light. This infuses the person with healing, light, and love. The energy is rather playful and uplifting.

Dolphins first came to me, when I was doing Reiki healing on myself. Then they started appearing, while I was working on clients.

They are joyous, intelligent creatures. And also fierce warriors of the Universe. Helping to restore balance for those that resonate with their energy.

Dolphins, a Power Animal Symbolic of Inner Strength

“Dolphins in the wild are strong and fearless. When sharks or orcas threaten them, they don’t hesitate to fight instead of trying to flee. They represent strong moral convictions and self-confidence, reminding us to speak our minds and stand our ground rather than hide our true selves.” Spiritanimal

Dolphin Symbolism

The dolphin is a complex animal and represents different aspects we need in our lives.

  • Peace and harmony
  • Protection
  • Playfulness and joy
  • Rebirth
  • Inner Strength
  • Cooperation

Book one of my Ocean Reiki Healing sessions, and you will feel the energy of the Dolphins working to cleanse and clear your aura. Balance your Chakras. And help infuse you with light, raising your energetic vibration! I also find the Mermaids come forth to work with the Dolphins as well! Those tapped into Ocean energy, will really enjoy this session.

Many clients will say they envisioned themselves in the water, meeting dolphins, mermaids, or whales during a session. They often feel refreshed and renewed afterwards!

Remember to love, comment, and if you can, share this post. You will receive a blessing from the Dolphins! I 🐬🌊🐬

πŸŒŠπŸ’•Ocean BlessingsπŸ’•πŸŒŠ Sarah

Arcturian Abundance Session

It’s that window between the New and Full Moon, when you want to focus on manifesting your true desires. Are you ready to manifest deeper levels of abundance and wealth, in your life?

We will work with the Golden Dragon of Abundance, in 3 Arcturian Money Activation Sessions!

This package is πŸ’²111 and includes:
❀ 3 – 20 minute Distance energy sessions
❀ a grid created to send you extra abundance (you will receive a photo to tap into it’s energy)
❀ an affirmation I will write for you
❀ a lovely Citrine crystal, in the mail
To sign up:

This activation partners with high vibrational Arcturian frequencies, to help you make, attract, and keep more money. It has 3 phases.

Phase 1 will clear deep seeded limiting beliefs, misconceptions and blocks around money.

Phase 2 will strongly connect you to the frequency of money so bringing more if it in will be easier and more joyful.

Phase 3 will activate worthiness around receiving money. And it will also work on deleting energetic patterns that create the proverbial glass ceiling around your income.

Then we integrate the energy and ground you to Mother Earth.

We can spread these sessions over 3 days or 3 weeks!

~Blessings of Abundance~

FULL Moon in Leo/Eclipse Reiki Event

A photo of the Eclipse around 11pm

Tonight I sent Reiki over at my page Ocean Dreams Reiki and Crystals for the Full Moon and Eclipse!

To say it was powerful, was an understatement! The energy coming through from the Universe, combined with the Crystals I was holding. Fluorite, Blue Chalcedony, Blue Kyanite, Apophyllite, Clear Quartz, plus ones in my pocket. Can we say Zzzzzzing! Thank you Universe for allowing me to be a clear channel to usher in the flow of Cosmic energy for others!

You can still receive the energy by watching the LIVE replay on my page!

This is the Healing Music Meditation Music: God’s Own Frequency I listened to when sending Reiki and Crystal healing to our group. It is a very high vibration and felt very uplifting.

This was the Full Moon around 9pm…

Here is the Crystal Grid I created. After the Free Reiki event, I create a grid to send extra healing energy for the next 28 days. This flows to anyone who sent in a love donation! I do these events monthly. So you can join in anytime.

This helps to give you a nice trickle of extra energy throughout the month, to keep you focused on manifesting your goals and healing.

Our messages for this Eclipse, spoke of Magic, Transition(ing), Clarity, Dreams, and reminded us it is time to Soar! Time to step out of hiding and let our light shine so bright!

Such great affirmations and intentions to tap into for the coming moon cycle.

Tonight’s energy was all about healing our Heart Chakras, karmic ties, and helping us to finally break free from last year’s energy and keep moving forward.

I hope this Eclipse energy helps you grow leaps and bounds!!

Ocean Blessings sent your way!

Sarah πŸ’ŽπŸ’™