Ocean Soul Healing

You may have noticed a name change around here again. That’s ok, because I am always re-inventing myself!

As a double water sign, I go with the flow. Energy is constantly in motion, and I change with it.

But now to the good stuff! I am still doing Ocean Reiki sessions, Crystal Healing, and Oracle Readings. But this year, I am emphasizing Essential Oil Energy Healing.

I have been adding oils to all my energy work, since I received my Aromatherapy certification last year.

Holy Basil for March

This year, I created a special package! 12 sessions of Ocean Healing Energy through 2022. Each distance session done on the New Moon. You will receive a 3-card reading as well. And there will be a focus on a particular Essential Oil energy, for each monthly session. You can even purchase my 12 month, trial size kit, so you can continue working with the energy of the oil each month.

I am super excited to offer this! The whole shebang is 444usd until January 31st. Then it goes up to 555!

You will also be added to a private Facebook group, to receive an added recorded monthly meditation with that oil!

I hope to see you there! You can Venmo or PayPal me. Just email oceandreamsreiki@gmail.com for a link!

Wisdom of the Earth oils

If you would like a snippet of my essential oil energy work, visit my Essential Energy list on YouTube. I am covering A to Z through minute long videos. https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLkgDb0cZVadR0zFZj1YvjnCvhbuGB60nUhttps://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLkgDb0cZVadR0zFZj1YvjnCvhbuGB60nU

Ocean Blessings sent your way!



Positive Vibes

After writing a blog post earlier, I cleared my energy with Reiki and a few essential oils.

  • I placed Black Spruce on my crown chakra for grounding and disconnecting from negativity.
  • Blue Spruce on my throat chakra for speaking my truth.
  • Fine Lavender on my heart and head for calming my body, mind, and spirit.
Blue Spruce oil

This powerful combination really helped to clear my energy, and bring me clarity!

I decided I felt more vibrant and open to working with the New Moon energies. So I grabbed my Mermaids and Dolphin deck to do a few short readings for my Facebook page followers. Lots of positive and concise messages came through.

Then I drew one for myself. I received the Spotted Dolphin, card Number 44. It’s message is “There is Always something positive in the future.”

Spotted Dolphin: Happiness

Was spirit listening to me earlier or what?! I really needed to hear this. And confirm to myself. There is no need to stay in an emotional funk.

It’s time for me to be really open to this new transition, this new chapter in my life. To transform the old through the New Moon energies. Wash my body, mind, and Spirit clean with the Water energy of our current Zodiac friend, Cancer the Crab.

It’s time to shed that outgrown shell. Release those old habits and ideas. And prepare for a new home!

The Spotted Dolphin with its black and white dots, represents Balance. It brings Happiness and answers your call to Spirit.

Interesting that the Dolphins work with High Frequency tones, and this morning I was listening to youtube videos playing 528 hz pure tones.

Then I used my Healy device that emits frequencies to help reduce pain.


I think this Dolphin card is “Spot on” indeed!

I was doing exactly what I needed all day, to bring me to this point of clear energy and light. Ready to take on the future and make it my best yet!

I hope the New Moon blesses you with exactly what you need. Send out your message to the Universe and await its reply.

Ocean Blessings,



Wednesday’s Wisdom 11/28

Wednesday’s Wisdom:
A time for energy and growth. Learning new spiritual ways, to bring positive change into your life. We will have to use our intuition, and be aware, of those who want to sabatoge our happiness. Time to cut cords and move on, for your highest good!

♡ Reiki sent for New Beginnings, if you choose to receive. Leave me a comment below. ♡

~Ocean Blessings~ ♡Sarah♡

P.s. If you would like a personal reading, contact me on Facebook at: OceanDreamsReiki

Gratitude brings Fulfillment

Fufill And Activate!
💕 By being grateful and opening ourselves to the universal light, we can tap into our inner strength and knowing.
This can help us to Fulfill our truest desires.
In stillness, take time to breathe deeply. Expanding your energy out to a place where you feel comfortable and safe. Then reach deep into your core to Activate the power that lies within.
Create. Dream. Manifest. Fulfill what you want, what greatness you see for yourself. And don’t back down. You have that inner potential. Don’t hold back! It’s time to create the life you want to live. Not the life you were expected to live or what you once thought you were meant to do. But the life that would create true joy and happiness in this very moment. 💕

These cards are infused with energy to bring you inner strength!

~Ocean Blessings~
Ocean Dreams Reiki and Crystals

Monthly Live Chakra Clearings

Join Marianna and I on a monthly series through the Chakras. We will be meeting Live on Zoom. us for an hour each time.
This month’s theme is “Focusing on the Root Chakra”.
We will be guiding you through a meditation for grounding and stability, this Sunday. Cleansing, clearing, and balancing through Distance energy healing.
At the end of the energy session, which includes Reiki and Crystal healing, we draw Oracle cards from each of us, for the group as a whole. If you cannot attend the Live meetup, then we will send you the link for the replay afterwards.
To Register now: https://bit.ly/mariannasarahsession
Pricing $44 USD
Spaces are limited!

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Back in Business ♡

I am all moved in my new home on the East Coast! We still aren’t sure how long we will be living here yet. But that’s the way of the military life/spiritual wanderer.

But I am excited because even though I lost my craft space and altar space. I still carved out a spot to work on Oracle readings, crystals, and Reiki!

So in honor of that, I have a special for a 2 card email reading with a Reiki blessing, for a “love donation” of $15!

I will be doing these throughout the week, and will email either at night or the next morning.

I will be working with the Isis Oracle while we are still in this Fire energy at the moment. But I have several other decks to choose from if you are interested. Mermaids, Seashells, Crystals, or Animal Oracles.

Oh and don’t forget Mercury is now in Retrograde! So it is a time to slow down and re-evaluate your current situation. Plans will fall in place at the right time!

~Peace, Love, and Reiki Blessings sent your way~


Visit me at: Www.oceandreamsreiki.com



Monthly Moon Specials

Did you know that I offer Special Readings and Reiki on the New and Full Moon through my website?

You can book a one card Oracle reading:


During the New or Full Moon, I will intuitively connect to your guides for the reading.

I sometimes tap into the visual cues of the card and/or will hear a message.

I will end the session with a short energy clearing and a Reiki blessing.

Afterwards I will email you the details of the reading, along with a photo of the card that was drawn for you.

Or you can book a Reiki & Reading: 

This is for a Reiki session with an Oracle reading for the New or Full Moon.

During the New or Full Moon, I will intuitively connect to your guides for the Reiki session and reading.

The Reiki session will be 25 min long and will focus on general healing or a specific request.

The Oracle reading will have two cards drawn for you. I sometimes tap into the visual cues of the card and/or will hear a message.

Afterwards I will email you the details of the reading, along with a photo of the card that was drawn for you.

Today is the New Moon in Aries. A time of courage, action, and new beginnings.

To book your session, follow the link below:


*Peace, Love, and Reiki Blessings*           Sarah

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