Ocean Soul Healing

You may have noticed a name change around here again. That’s ok, because I am always re-inventing myself!

As a double water sign, I go with the flow. Energy is constantly in motion, and I change with it.

But now to the good stuff! I am still doing Ocean Reiki sessions, Crystal Healing, and Oracle Readings. But this year, I am emphasizing Essential Oil Energy Healing.

I have been adding oils to all my energy work, since I received my Aromatherapy certification last year.

Holy Basil for March

This year, I created a special package! 12 sessions of Ocean Healing Energy through 2022. Each distance session done on the New Moon. You will receive a 3-card reading as well. And there will be a focus on a particular Essential Oil energy, for each monthly session. You can even purchase my 12 month, trial size kit, so you can continue working with the energy of the oil each month.

I am super excited to offer this! The whole shebang is 444usd until January 31st. Then it goes up to 555!

You will also be added to a private Facebook group, to receive an added recorded monthly meditation with that oil!

I hope to see you there! You can Venmo or PayPal me. Just email oceandreamsreiki@gmail.com for a link!

Wisdom of the Earth oils

If you would like a snippet of my essential oil energy work, visit my Essential Energy list on YouTube. I am covering A to Z through minute long videos. https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLkgDb0cZVadR0zFZj1YvjnCvhbuGB60nUhttps://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLkgDb0cZVadR0zFZj1YvjnCvhbuGB60nU

Ocean Blessings sent your way!



FULL Moon in Leo/Eclipse Reiki Event

A photo of the Eclipse around 11pm

Tonight I sent Reiki over at my page Ocean Dreams Reiki and Crystals for the Full Moon and Eclipse!

To say it was powerful, was an understatement! The energy coming through from the Universe, combined with the Crystals I was holding. Fluorite, Blue Chalcedony, Blue Kyanite, Apophyllite, Clear Quartz, plus ones in my pocket. Can we say Zzzzzzing! Thank you Universe for allowing me to be a clear channel to usher in the flow of Cosmic energy for others!

You can still receive the energy by watching the LIVE replay on my page!

This is the Healing Music Meditation Music: God’s Own Frequency I listened to when sending Reiki and Crystal healing to our group. It is a very high vibration and felt very uplifting.

This was the Full Moon around 9pm…

Here is the Crystal Grid I created. After the Free Reiki event, I create a grid to send extra healing energy for the next 28 days. This flows to anyone who sent in a love donation! I do these events monthly. So you can join in anytime.

This helps to give you a nice trickle of extra energy throughout the month, to keep you focused on manifesting your goals and healing.

Our messages for this Eclipse, spoke of Magic, Transition(ing), Clarity, Dreams, and reminded us it is time to Soar! Time to step out of hiding and let our light shine so bright!

Such great affirmations and intentions to tap into for the coming moon cycle.

Tonight’s energy was all about healing our Heart Chakras, karmic ties, and helping us to finally break free from last year’s energy and keep moving forward.

I hope this Eclipse energy helps you grow leaps and bounds!!

Ocean Blessings sent your way!

Sarah πŸ’ŽπŸ’™

Crystal Grids

One of my favorite #crystalcrafts to make, are Crystal Grids!

There are so many themes to use to imbue the energy of the crystals with. The design of the grid, lends its own energy signature to your metaphysical work.

For example the design above uses a general Zodiac chart for crystal healing. You can place your crystals around the grid, to send energy to say all your friends and family, covering each sign. Or you can place crystals just on the Zodiac sign we are currently in, like Leo.

I also added little “Moons” or spaceholders to go around the chart. You can use a different crystal on these, then you do within the chart, like shown.

The moons have Pyrites to honor the sun’s energy. Which brings balance to the grid. Then each of the Zodiac signs and houses have a Kyanite or Quartz, to bring in energy to clear and balance all aspects of your life. And bring in clarity too.

You can use different crystals, for different themes. Like all Rose Quartz if you wanted to send yourself love energy. Or Pyrite and Citrine for abundance.

Crystal grids are always fun when you follow your intuition and create something that resonates with your body, mind, and spirit.

After you set up the grid, you use a quartz wand or something similar to connect all the crystals to center. Then I love to infuse my grid with Reiki, as I set up my intention or goal.

This Zodiac inspired wood grid took about 2 hours to woodburn and paint. I make grids in different designs, whatever I am inspired by at the moment. But this has been my most popular grid.

If you are interested in purchasing a crystal grid or learn more, stop by my Facebook page Ocean Dreams Crystals or on IG OceanDreamsCrystals

~Crystal Blessings~

*Sarah Chapman* RMT, CCH

#craftycrystals #craftyonig #crystalcrafts

Blue Moon Release!

Today was the Full Moon/Blue Moon/Eclipse!

Wowsa. Some intense energy. Everyone was feeling it! It was a roller coaster of emotions and happenings.

So tonight I did a release of all the wishes that were made at our last Full Moon, Crystal grid event!

I tossed my wish along with the others, into the candle holder and boy did they burst into flames. I gave gratitude for everyone’s wish that came true.

And then I asked the Goddess to transmute any wishes that did not or were not meant to occur, during January. In order to make room for new energy and goals for February.

I will write these new wishes on paper tomorrow night, to place under the new Crystal grid.

I hold to the belief that all will occur in divine timing. Even though we want things to happen when we feel we are ready. The Universe may show us that we don’t have complete control, and sometimes we just have to surrender and let things happen in due course. Yes, that makes me frustrated. But that’s why I did the releasing tonight. And tomorrow setting positive, new intentions. When the energy has smoothed out some and the Waning moon is perfect for introspection and reflection.

Making sure that we put forth energy that is in our highest good, not just in the heat of the emotions, that run rampant with an intense Moon like tonight.

Well I hope you all had a wonderful Full Moon. And if you celebrate Imbolc as well, may the Goddess continue to bless you during this next Turn of the Wheel!

~Ocean Blessings under a Fire Moon~ Sarah

Come join the Full Moon Facebook event tomorrow! I will be sharing Reiki with all that join.

Harmony and Share – Powerwords 30&31

Harmony and Share

The last words of the month.

I think they are pretty appropriate with the intense energy of the Full Moon! It’s time to focus on peace and Harmony. Releasing old thoughts and patterns, asking new ones to emerge. To harmonize and balance our ego, for our highest good, and that of all beings.

Part of that is being able to Share yourself with the world around you. Learning to be a good steward of the earth. Good community member. Good family member. However you fit in with others.

In order to thrive and grow, we have to share a little of ourselves. That doesn’t mean give all your power away. Or all your love. You have to take care of you first. Then you can share some of the best aspects of yourself. To help others.

Sometimes as a healer, we forget to set boundaries. And keep sharing so much until it feels like there is nothing left of us. There is no Harmony or Balance in that.

So remember to honor yourself. Be kind to yourself. Love yourself first. Then feel free to share away! But when you start feeling depleted, bring back in the reigns. And re-harmonize yourself. Send Reiki to yourself, balance your chakras, or ask another Energy Practitioner to help you. Just don’t deplete your spirit.

Peace, Love, and Reiki Blessings *Sarah* Ocean Dreams Reiki

Powerwords Day 26 -29

Balance. Something that is important for us to all find right now. Coming off the challenges of last year and trying to create new opportunities this year, can be a struggle. So we must look within to create peace and bring Balance into our lives.

Personally: My Hubby just got back from a longggg work trip or cruise as we like to call it. So now I am trying to find balance between having him back and everything else I am doing. Homeschooling. Meditating. Attracting my Soul Clients!

Power: Right now is an important time for us all to dispel our fears and step into our Power.

Authenticity goes along with Power and Balance. We need to be true to our selves, in order to achieve balance in our lives. Sometimes that means, not being afraid to speak our truths or about our experiences. Even if one person resonated with something you said. Maybe you have helped them along their journey as well. Working with our Throat Chakra will help with that. Also trusting our Intuition/3rd Eye Chakra.

I have been working with Lapis Lazuli for both those Chakras.

Smile: Our word for today! The energies with the Full Moon in Cancer are like riding an emotional roller coaster. And sometimes it is easy to let them get the best of you. Once I realized that I was feeling off kilter, I took a little time to ground and center. And call in Joyful energy to help me dissolve the frustration and move forward. I was able to smile and even settle down to watch a funny movie with my kids. Sometimes a fee good laughs are all you need to change your attitude for the day.

πŸ’•Peace, Love, and Reiki Blessings sent your way πŸ’• *Sarah*

Ocean Dreams Reiki and Crystals

Gratitude brings Fulfillment

Fufill And Activate!
πŸ’• By being grateful and opening ourselves to the universal light, we can tap into our inner strength and knowing.
This can help us to Fulfill our truest desires.
In stillness, take time to breathe deeply. Expanding your energy out to a place where you feel comfortable and safe. Then reach deep into your core to Activate the power that lies within.
Create. Dream. Manifest. Fulfill what you want, what greatness you see for yourself. And don’t back down. You have that inner potential. Don’t hold back! It’s time to create the life you want to live. Not the life you were expected to live or what you once thought you were meant to do. But the life that would create true joy and happiness in this very moment. πŸ’•

These cards are infused with energy to bring you inner strength!

~Ocean Blessings~
Ocean Dreams Reiki and Crystals

Powerwords Day 23-25

Be, Equanamity, and Peace

I kept getting the “Be Now” card the past couple weeks, so this was a perfect reminder. To just Be present in the moment. Not to worry about the past, that I can no longer change. Not to worry about the future, that I don’t have control of. But just to BE! Be still. Be loving. Be kind. Be helpful. Be happy. Be sad. Be angry. Be hurt.

No matter what you feel. Just honor those feelings and Be.

Now Equanamity, I had to look up the word.

How perfect is this reminder too.

I was choosing to be in calm state, through the shock. Even though we knew my Mom was going to pass, it still is a total shock when it does happen. One moment someone you love is there and the next they are gone.

And that is where Peace comes in. As I mentioned on my FB Live video, last night. I chose to find Peace after the initial set of mixed feelings that come with losing someone one. But then I knew she was at Peace, so I could feel more peaceful. No more worry about her health. No more on edge waiting for what’s going to happen next. Just peace.

I can’t tell you I’ll be at 100% from now on. But getting to navigate the first few days without totally losing my mind is reassuring.

I hope if any of you have to deal with loss of a parent or loved one, try to remember to take a step back. Tap into your spiritual tools and ask for guidance and peace to get through the situation. It can be done. Far more easier than I thought. But yet again, I also lost my Dad almost 9 years ago, so maybe that helped prep me for this moment.

Either way, I am grateful I can just breathe clearly right now!

~Ocean Blessings~

*Sarah http://www.oceandreamsreiki.weebly.com

Powerwords Day 19-21 Spirituality

I am trying to catch up with my words. It’s not the same as choosing them and writing during that day’s energy. But I wanted to honor my commitment to doing this 31 day adventure.

So how has Dream, Spirituality, and Intuition manifested in my life over the past week, with my Mom passing away. Very intensely!

I am going to substitute the word Dream for Meditation though. Because honestly, until my Mom passed away. I basically had 3 sleepless, dreamless nights. Maybe short naps were more like it. Anyway, I did a lot of meditation. Ones in which I reached out to my Mom to help her transition peacefully.

That’s where my Spirituality came in. I felt it grew deeper. I was more in touch with my spiritual life than ever before. And as things settle down, I know I will find the time to really expand my energy and feel completely at ease again and able to reach out to the Universe. I saw and felt some incredible things. Even more so, was a deeper knowing and confirmation, that death isn’t the end of everything.

And by following my intuition, I knew everything was going to work out exactly as it was supposed to. Whether I believed that at the moment or not, was a different story. But deep down I knew it would work out ok.

I had the time I needed to tell my Mom exactly what I should of said years ago. Closure that I really didn’t have with my Dad, when he passed on. But that has come over time, as we have connected through Spirit.

All I know is that Reiki, meditation, crystals, and all the other energetic work I have done, has brought me to this time, where I can stand strong and not fall into complete pieces. Like I would of done years ago. Not to say that won’t happen, when I go home and see her Urn in front of me. I am sure then I will have another big release.

But I am truly grateful for all these words coming into my life. Reminding me that Life really is a Dream. We can choose to make it a good dream or a sad dream. And by tapping into the tools the Universe has given us, we can really create even better dreams, each and every day.

~Ocean Blessings~

*Sarah* http://www.oceandreamsreiki.com

Crystals I have been carrying this week. Green Malachite for Heart Healing, Smoky Quartz for dissolving negativity or tough emotions, Bogwood for Grounding and healing

Powerword Day 17/18

Hello friends,

I wrote this the other day, well it’s been 5 days. Wow! But I have been waiting to post it.

Well my Mom passed away today and this post was part of my journey with knowing she was getting ready to Transition, to the next part of her soul’s journey.

Tomorrow I will be sharing the other power words that came up over the past few days. It has been a really spiritual, eye opening experience.

I won’t be posting online much, as I deal with grief in my own way this week. But I know I need to keep up my this journaling for my own growth and sanity.

Blessings to you all. And thank you for your love and support during this time.

Day 17: Love 🌊 Day 18: Freedom

Loving someone doesn’t mean we have the right to hold onto them. Sometimes that is hard to grasp. Especially when that person gave you life. Gave you breath. Gave you a home on this place we call Earth.

But sometimes to honor our love for them, we have to let them go. Let them find true happiness. Let them be one with the light of the Universe. Knowing on some level, they will always be there. Guiding, watching out, sending comfort or reassurance.

So these two words seem very appropriate as I sat in reflection this morning. Sending Reiki out to this person I love. Letting them know they are going to a good place. With family and friends. Letting them know we will meet again.

And as the cards I pulled again today, came through. It was another sign of confirmation from the Universe, that all will be well. That they will be well. As they go home “Sanctuary”, to be one with all that is “Timeless”, standing in their true form, their true power “Sovereign” once again.

When they choose to Transition.

~Ocean Blessings~

*Sarah* http://www.oceandreamsreiki.com