Ocean Soul Healing

You may have noticed a name change around here again. That’s ok, because I am always re-inventing myself!

As a double water sign, I go with the flow. Energy is constantly in motion, and I change with it.

But now to the good stuff! I am still doing Ocean Reiki sessions, Crystal Healing, and Oracle Readings. But this year, I am emphasizing Essential Oil Energy Healing.

I have been adding oils to all my energy work, since I received my Aromatherapy certification last year.

Holy Basil for March

This year, I created a special package! 12 sessions of Ocean Healing Energy through 2022. Each distance session done on the New Moon. You will receive a 3-card reading as well. And there will be a focus on a particular Essential Oil energy, for each monthly session. You can even purchase my 12 month, trial size kit, so you can continue working with the energy of the oil each month.

I am super excited to offer this! The whole shebang is 444usd until January 31st. Then it goes up to 555!

You will also be added to a private Facebook group, to receive an added recorded monthly meditation with that oil!

I hope to see you there! You can Venmo or PayPal me. Just email oceandreamsreiki@gmail.com for a link!

Wisdom of the Earth oils

If you would like a snippet of my essential oil energy work, visit my Essential Energy list on YouTube. I am covering A to Z through minute long videos. https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLkgDb0cZVadR0zFZj1YvjnCvhbuGB60nUhttps://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLkgDb0cZVadR0zFZj1YvjnCvhbuGB60nU

Ocean Blessings sent your way!



Using Essential Oils

I wanted to give a shoutout to my friend Katie at Essential Journeying. I have been asking her for the past few years to hold online essential oil classes, because I really wanted to learn more from someone that was certified in oils.

The Wisdom of the Earth oils she sells are divine! And Katie is such a knowledgeable, fun-loving, and compassionate soul to learn from.

So since the big Quarantine happenned, she started teaching classes through Zoom sessions on Wednesday nights! This is awesome, because I am too far from Arizona, where she is located.

Oh my Goddess, I have learned so much in the past few months about working with these oils, even yoga, and healing myself on new levels!

I really feel since I started to work with the energy of the oils, what she teaches, it has made big changes in my life.

My confidence has grown, I have started to lose weight and eat healthy (finally), and learned to appreciate the oils for how they affect change in our bodies and auras. Not just how they smell. I am even incorporating the oils into my distance Reiki sessions. I also have a full bedtime routine to help me sleep as well. And the manifesting oils in the photo above, really have helped!

So if you have ever been curious about working with Essential Oils on a deeper level. Then checkout Katie’s next class. She has signs ups for July already, and I guarantee you won’t be dissapointed! And you get to hang out with some other cool ladies that are on a similar journey.

Check out Katie here:

on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/theoilandcrystallady/

On her website for classes: https://www.essentialjourneying.com/june-zoom

Just tell her Sarah sent you 🥰

Ocean Blessings sent your way! Www.seadruid.wixsite.com/oceandreamsreiki

Watch “Full Moon Healing with Kuan Yin” on YouTube

Sending Healing energy to everyone on this Full Moon night!

Follow the link to receive the energy! https://youtu.be/m1pw8p1kl5a

~Ocean Blessings~


For your own Reiki session, visit here: Www.seadruid.wixsite.com/oceandreamsreiki

New Moon in Aries

*New Moon in Aries* today!

💎Crystal of the day: Mahogany Obsidian.
This Crystal’s brings in grounding and strength. I love the black and reddish brown streaks that runs through it. This stone is grounding and comforting like Chocolate! It also strengthens our heart. It is a stone of balance, of Yin and Yang. A stone perfect to work with, when the Sun and Moon are both aligned in Aries.

We have the masculine Aries energy, ruled by Mars. And the softer Cancer energy, ruled by the Moon. So even though we aren’t in the sign of Cancer, that feminine aspect of the watery, Lunar cycle seeps in. Helping to soothe that fiery Aries.

Use Mahogany Obsidian at your heart or root, to bring balance in.

🐍Card of the Day: Snake #6
This animal evokes life force energy and healing.

Snake is also a symbol of vitality, respect, sexuality, and even metamorphosis when a snake sheds its skin.

Snake is also a protector and guardian of sacred places. And a keeper of hidden knowledge.

Call on Snake’s energy to help transform your life.

More on the The New Moon…

This new moon in Aries, is a powerful time! The Sun moved into Aries at the Spring Equinox, it is also called the time of the Astrological New Year.

It is a time of new beginnings, springing forth into action, passion, drive, and initiation.

It is a time of renewal and energy of the youth.

The energy of this Fire sign pushes us forth into creating abundance and prosperity in our lives.🔥

Tonight, would be a great time to light a Red Candle and set your intentions.

During our Facebook Live meditation today, (watch the replay here: Ocean Dreams Reiki)

The Goddess Diana came forth. I saw her holding her bow and arrow, pulling it backwards, ready to let it go! Allowing our New Moon intentions to spring forth into creation! It was such a powerful image and connection.

Other Goddesses you may connect with during springtime may be Ostara, Persephone, Brighid, Flora, Freya, Hebe, and Blodewedd.

Comment below with which Goddess, Crystal, or Spirit Animal you may honor during spring.

I hope this article resonated with you. And the energy of Spring, brings you many blessings!

💕Peace, Love, and Reiki💕


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Rose Quartz

“It’s Friday and I’m in Love!”

Ok maybe I am aging myself with my favorite Cure song, but seriously Friday is the day of Love.

Ruled by the Goddess Venus/Aphrodite. You know the beautiful golden haired woman, who shows up on her own seashell, to win the hearts of men and women!

Rose Quartz is one of her stones. It represents love, beauty, peace, compassion, and tenderness. Feelings that we need to invoke in ourselves and want to imbue to others.

Rose Quartz is a great stone for every being in the Zodiac. But I feel it particularly resonates with Taureans ♉ Born during April and May.

Rose Quartz not only resonates with the Heart Chakra and Sacral Chakras, but I find it very grounding as well.

I love using it for heart chakra healing, when you need to soothe your self over lack of self esteem or self confidence. When you are going through a traumatic event in your life.

And I also find it super helpful to place on your Sacral Chakra to balance your emotions!

Tell me how you love to work with Rose Quartz energy. Also what is your Zodiac sign?

~Ocean Blessings~


P.s. Come over to my FB page Ocean Dreams Crystals if you would like to purchase some Rose Quartz


Monday’s Crystal message: Protection

Malachite is a wonderful stone to help protect your Heart!

Call on the Universe or your guides to help you, during this process.
Place the stone on your heart chakra, and ask Malachite to cleanse and clear any negative influences, past hurts, or pains.
Then infuse your heart with bright green light.
Filling it with healing energy. And yes you can do this just by working with the crystal and your guides.

You may find yourself a bit emotional as things surface and you release the old energy. Just ground it all to Mother Earth. And ask for any pain to be transmuted to light.

Malachite is a powerful, transformative stone.
It’s a great stone when working with the energy of Scorpio or Pluto in your Natal chart.
It is all about transformation, death, and rebirth.

Malachite is also connected to the Goddess Isis 💚 Call on her to help with the transition of making your heart whole again.

If Malachite calls out to you, I have a few available in my shop. Feel free to message me.

Happy Monday to you all!

Crystal Card by Crystal Guidance

The Goddess and the Dragon

Do you believe in Fairies and Dragons?Marianna-Sarah-Freya

Then I have an adventure for you! Come to the Meet and greet with the Mystic Nordic Fairy Goddess Freya!

The energy of Freya will uplift and mystify you! The bonus of it all is invoking the Red Dragon!

Join Marianna Y. Smith and Sarah Chapman for a night of Energy adventure. You never know what going to appear.

Do you want to surround yourself in the energy of a powerful the Queen fairy and a Red Dragon?

The Fairy Goddess Freya is a Goddess of Love, Fertility, and Inner Strength!

Feel Freya’s mystical energy helps you invoke your inner magic and transform your life.

The Arcturian Dragon Inner Fire Activation will propel you to new heights!

  • motivation
  • acceleration
  • mystical energy
  • Uncovering dormant passion
  • Clarity activation
  • Activation of authenticity, and visibility
  • Amplifying to energy of desire to bring it into reality

Ride on the energy of the Red Dragon to meet the Fairy Queen on her Day!

Join Marianna and Sarah in a powerful session Friday, March 9th, 2018.

All this for Just $22. Sign up here>> http://mariannaysmith.com/event/meet-greet-mystic-nordic-fairy-goddess-freya

You can’t miss this opportunity!

“Heal the Goddess Within”

Many years ago when I first started creating, I made a list of Goddesses that I wanted to work with. I was going to create candles for each one.

For some reason I never got to make them. I wasn’t sure that my customer base would be the ones to want them. And I was probably right.

Fast forward about 12 years later. I still have the list and I am ready to step into the energy and power of the Goddesses again. They have always been with me. And I have worked with several over the years. Either in my personal journeying or with other like minded people.

But now I want to bring their amazing energy back into my creative, spiritual business. So I am working on these Goddess Healing Kits.

Right now we are working with the Goddess Aphrodite, in my beautiful friend Marianna’s group! Goddess Divine. So naturally this first kit was inspired by the Goddess of Love! And there is only one available for a very special Goddess out there!

I will be working on the details for other Goddess kits this week and gathering the sacred tools to create and offer them, to any of you Earth bound Goddesses that are called to work with them!

I am pretty excited to bring this energy in. Along with my Zodiac creations.

And remember everything is infused with beautiful Ocean Reiki energy for peace and balance, before it is sent your way.

Let me know which Goddess inspires you the most!

♏Transformative Goddess and Intuitive♓ *Sarah* http://www.oceandreamsreiki.com