Walking the Druid Path


It’s been an on and off path of mine, to delve into the mysteries of the Druids. I have always felt a strong connection to nature, the Land, Sea, and Sky. I have walked through forests in Alaska, Hawaii, Oregon, and Rhode Island, with the tallest trees covered in beautiful mosses or leaves. I have sat by the shore, allowing my toes to be kissed by the sand in all those places as well. Letting my worries be washed away by the sea. I have drifted off daydreaming, rose above in meditation, in trance, connecting with the sky above, the clouds drifting by, or the sparkling icy blue stars. But when walking among the green, green hills in Ireland. My spirit started to slowly be renewed. My calling back to the Celtic path, became so abundantly clear.

Walking through the labyrinth, holding a candle infused with Brighid’s healing energy. Walking miles at the ancient Hill of Tara, to be greeted on the way out, by Cernunnos. The energy of the old Gods was still present. Subdued but still alive.I knew it was time that this soul spark would be reignited. A slow flame that is growing brighter, as I fly away from this beautiful Ireland.

It’s time to come back to the path of old. To co-mingle the energies of what may seem old with new. For it really isn’t anything but one. One time, one space, one deep seated joy in my heart.

Hail to the old ways. Bridget, Bride, Brighid has strengthened the sacred flame in my soul. Cernunnos, Green Man, Pan has entangled me in the deep mysteries of the land once more.I am ready to allow my inner shaman to come forth. To blossom into the cosmic being, powerful yet humble, divine yet grounded. Blending the ways of the world, with spirit. Bringing forth my Dragon roar, and also speaking softly as a cool, winding stream.

As I leave this land, I take these evolving memories into a new dawn. A new life. Following the path back to the sacred well and all the cosmic knowledge it holds.

~☆Blessings of the Land, Sea, and Sky☆~ Sarah