Crystals of the Week: B

Crystals of the Week are from the letter B!

Blue Lace Agate is a wonderful throat chakra stone.

Bronzite can help with grounding and bringing in soothing energy at our root chakra.

Let me know if you have worked with them, and any positive experiences. ~Ocean Blessings~


Ocean Energy Healing Package

🌊REIKI SPECIAL: This is a package of (3) Holistic – 30 minute Ocean Energy sessions, that will be done over the course of 3 weeks time, to help build up the Reiki within in your system, for optimal health and well being. We can also focus on a certain ailment, or physical or emotional issue.

Artwork by Lassen

🌊I will also draw 3 Oracle cards from the Ocean Oracle deck.
🐬I love to work with Elemental energy, and I tap into the healing powers of the Ocean to cleanse and refresh you energetically. And help to infuse your body, mind, and spirit with calm.
🌊An email will be sent afterwards each session, with details.

🌊As a gift for booking the package: You will receive a 4th session to focus solely on balancing your chakras. You are allowed to gift this session to a friend if you, know someone who really could use some Reiki!
🌊This is to help you on your holistic journey, towards good health and happiness.
🌊If you are interested, follow this link to sign up. Then please message me at to set up your sesson times. It is 111 USD regularly 222

10% of the Proceeds from this booking, will be donated to the creation of masks for hospitals

🌊What a great way to treat your body, mind, and spirit, to some extra tlc during this time.

~Ocean Blessings Sent your Way~

Atlantean Healing Meditation

I just recorded a 6 minute healing meditation, tapping into the frequencies of Atlantis. During this guided meditation you will meet dolphins, sealions, mermaids, and a water Dragon. Be open to receive the healing energy from our ocean guides and allow Ocean Reiki to flow to you.

Artist unknown

Listen to Atlantean Healing Meditation by Ocean Dreams Reiki on #SoundCloud

Ocean Blessings, 🌊 Sarah 🌊

Aries Season – Triple Threat

So Mercury just shifted into Aries… for the next several weeks!

Mercury is the planet of communication.
♈Aries is the planet of War!

And the Sun is in Aries.

And Chiron (the Wounded Healer) is in Aries.

Talk about explosive!!🔥

Emotions are heated. Watch your tempers and most importantly your words.

I watched this today on the playground. All the kids were arguing with each other. Having meltdowns. Fighting over things, they would normally be happy about.
Oy!!! I am like WTF is going on!

Well now I know. Lol.

Stay grounded. Meditate. Walk away before you piss someone off, that you care about.

Time to chill. Use all that Aries energy for creativity and healing instead. Jump start your dreams. Just don’t let anyone stand in your way, or they may get slapped. 😉

If you need a little help bringing the calming energies in, then come book an Ocean Reiki relaxing session! We can focus on counteracting those Fire energies, with soothing water.

~Ocean Blessings~


National Dolphin Day

Happy National Dolphin Day ~ April 14th! 🐬💙🐬 Today we will chat about Dolphin energy!

First, go ahead and comment below, to receive the playful energy of the Dolphins!

Then come back up here to read more!

Dolphins are wonderful helpers in spiritual healing work! They are playful, yet determined. I often call upon their energy, to help me in Reiki sessions with clients.

They will swim around the clients, creating a spinning vortex. This helps to release any stagnant and trapped energy. Then they will swim around in the other direction, creating beautiful bubbles of light. This infuses the person with healing, light, and love. The energy is rather playful and uplifting.

Dolphins first came to me, when I was doing Reiki healing on myself. Then they started appearing, while I was working on clients.

They are joyous, intelligent creatures. And also fierce warriors of the Universe. Helping to restore balance for those that resonate with their energy.

Dolphins, a Power Animal Symbolic of Inner Strength

“Dolphins in the wild are strong and fearless. When sharks or orcas threaten them, they don’t hesitate to fight instead of trying to flee. They represent strong moral convictions and self-confidence, reminding us to speak our minds and stand our ground rather than hide our true selves.” Spiritanimal

Dolphin Symbolism

The dolphin is a complex animal and represents different aspects we need in our lives.

  • Peace and harmony
  • Protection
  • Playfulness and joy
  • Rebirth
  • Inner Strength
  • Cooperation

Book one of my Ocean Reiki Healing sessions, and you will feel the energy of the Dolphins working to cleanse and clear your aura. Balance your Chakras. And help infuse you with light, raising your energetic vibration! I also find the Mermaids come forth to work with the Dolphins as well! Those tapped into Ocean energy, will really enjoy this session.

Many clients will say they envisioned themselves in the water, meeting dolphins, mermaids, or whales during a session. They often feel refreshed and renewed afterwards!

Remember to love, comment, and if you can, share this post. You will receive a blessing from the Dolphins! I 🐬🌊🐬

🌊💕Ocean Blessings💕🌊 Sarah

Rose Quartz

“It’s Friday and I’m in Love!”

Ok maybe I am aging myself with my favorite Cure song, but seriously Friday is the day of Love.

Ruled by the Goddess Venus/Aphrodite. You know the beautiful golden haired woman, who shows up on her own seashell, to win the hearts of men and women!

Rose Quartz is one of her stones. It represents love, beauty, peace, compassion, and tenderness. Feelings that we need to invoke in ourselves and want to imbue to others.

Rose Quartz is a great stone for every being in the Zodiac. But I feel it particularly resonates with Taureans ♉ Born during April and May.

Rose Quartz not only resonates with the Heart Chakra and Sacral Chakras, but I find it very grounding as well.

I love using it for heart chakra healing, when you need to soothe your self over lack of self esteem or self confidence. When you are going through a traumatic event in your life.

And I also find it super helpful to place on your Sacral Chakra to balance your emotions!

Tell me how you love to work with Rose Quartz energy. Also what is your Zodiac sign?

~Ocean Blessings~


P.s. Come over to my FB page Ocean Dreams Crystals if you would like to purchase some Rose Quartz


Monday’s Crystal message: Protection

Malachite is a wonderful stone to help protect your Heart!

Call on the Universe or your guides to help you, during this process.
Place the stone on your heart chakra, and ask Malachite to cleanse and clear any negative influences, past hurts, or pains.
Then infuse your heart with bright green light.
Filling it with healing energy. And yes you can do this just by working with the crystal and your guides.

You may find yourself a bit emotional as things surface and you release the old energy. Just ground it all to Mother Earth. And ask for any pain to be transmuted to light.

Malachite is a powerful, transformative stone.
It’s a great stone when working with the energy of Scorpio or Pluto in your Natal chart.
It is all about transformation, death, and rebirth.

Malachite is also connected to the Goddess Isis 💚 Call on her to help with the transition of making your heart whole again.

If Malachite calls out to you, I have a few available in my shop. Feel free to message me.

Happy Monday to you all!

Crystal Card by Crystal Guidance


Crystal Trip: Rainbow Fluorite

We are going on a trip with Rainbow Fluorite today, over at Ocean Dreams Crystals.

First of all, Rainbow Fluorite is a great stone to work with the Crown and 3rd Eye Chakras, for connecting to the Divine, the Intellect, our guides, and our higher minds.

But did you know Fluorite is also great to have for Colds and the Flu? It’s a natural antiviral, immune booster and anti-inflammatory.

This one pictured above, practically jumped out at me last night before bed. I put it in my pocket. And slept so deeply.

I woke up to find my 10 year old had a fever, and thought I had read before, that Fluorite was good for colds. So now he has it under his feet. Since they were really burning up, I felt guided to place the Fluorite there. Plus I had the Fluorite in my pocket, that was next to his feet. It was like they were radiating towards the Fluorite. So I trusted my gut.

*It’s about 10 minutes later and my very groggy, feeling like crap kid is now sitting up, playing his Nintendo and giggling with his brother!

Moral of the story is, follow your Crystal Intuition. You never know what they can help with!
~Crystal Blessings~

“Heal the Goddess Within”

Many years ago when I first started creating, I made a list of Goddesses that I wanted to work with. I was going to create candles for each one.

For some reason I never got to make them. I wasn’t sure that my customer base would be the ones to want them. And I was probably right.

Fast forward about 12 years later. I still have the list and I am ready to step into the energy and power of the Goddesses again. They have always been with me. And I have worked with several over the years. Either in my personal journeying or with other like minded people.

But now I want to bring their amazing energy back into my creative, spiritual business. So I am working on these Goddess Healing Kits.

Right now we are working with the Goddess Aphrodite, in my beautiful friend Marianna’s group! Goddess Divine. So naturally this first kit was inspired by the Goddess of Love! And there is only one available for a very special Goddess out there!

I will be working on the details for other Goddess kits this week and gathering the sacred tools to create and offer them, to any of you Earth bound Goddesses that are called to work with them!

I am pretty excited to bring this energy in. Along with my Zodiac creations.

And remember everything is infused with beautiful Ocean Reiki energy for peace and balance, before it is sent your way.

Let me know which Goddess inspires you the most!

♏Transformative Goddess and Intuitive♓ *Sarah*

Love and Compassion

This is a great card for the current energy of Moon in Taurus. Taureans are all about love, compassion, and beauty! Take a step back and think on this.
Are you loving and compassionate to others? Wonderful! How about to yourself? Maybe not so much? Or yes, you take the time to pamper yourself. Relishing in self care opportunities like salt baths, quiet time for meditation, walks in nature etc.
Now is a great time to take a look at your life. Are there any adjustments you can make to feel more in love with yourself and your surroundings. Do you look in the mirror and see someone overtired and stressed or relaxed and peaceful?
Well tap into the love energy of Taurus tonight and transform your current self into how you wish to be. Be happier. Be loving and kind. Be more peaceful. Look beautiful. Take care of you. Release self doubt. Release fear. Release exhaustion. Step into love.
If you need a little help with this transition, then I would be happy to help through a powerful Distance, Heart Chakra balancing session. 30 minutes of focusing on just you! I will also include an Oracle card reading from the Mermaid deck. $44 USD
🌸Message me to schedule and for a paypal link🌸

P.s. this image is infused with loving energy for all ❤