Grounding Oil Meditation

After Hours Grounding Meditation with Vetiver. Listen to this yo relax, ground, and feel centered, anytime of day. Don’t listen while driving please.

Blessings sent your way,


Amethyst & Vetiver

Watch “Wintergreen Healing” on YouTube

I added a new Essential Oil Energy video to my YouTube Playlist. Almost done with A to Z oils. Make sure to check them all out.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the oils mentioned in the videos, just message me for more information.

The oils are from Wisdom of the Earth. A woman owned company! They are based out of the Sedona, Arizona area. They work with farmers who spend time in ritual with each oil they press.

Artisan farmers, Heart-based suppliers and Shared values with our Suppliers, Students and Clients. We believe that it is important to maximize the plant-human relationship, as we feel that increases the healing power of the essences.”

Crystal Cavern Meditation – SoundCloud

🌊Would you like to experience some relaxation through Ocean energy and Ocean Pine oil?
🌊I recorded “Crystal Cavern Healing” a few weeks ago. But I’m not sure anyone saw the post.
🌊Follow the link in the comments below for a *free* guided mediation.

🌊If you can comment on the Sound Cloud link, I would be super appreciative as well!

Listen to Crystal Cavern Meditation by Ocean Soul Healing on #SoundCloud

Ocean Blessings, Sarah

Atlantean Healing Meditation

I just recorded a 6 minute healing meditation, tapping into the frequencies of Atlantis. During this guided meditation you will meet dolphins, sealions, mermaids, and a water Dragon. Be open to receive the healing energy from our ocean guides and allow Ocean Reiki to flow to you.

Artist unknown

Listen to Atlantean Healing Meditation by Ocean Dreams Reiki on #SoundCloud

Ocean Blessings, 🌊 Sarah 🌊

FULL Moon in Leo/Eclipse Reiki Event

A photo of the Eclipse around 11pm

Tonight I sent Reiki over at my page Ocean Dreams Reiki and Crystals for the Full Moon and Eclipse!

To say it was powerful, was an understatement! The energy coming through from the Universe, combined with the Crystals I was holding. Fluorite, Blue Chalcedony, Blue Kyanite, Apophyllite, Clear Quartz, plus ones in my pocket. Can we say Zzzzzzing! Thank you Universe for allowing me to be a clear channel to usher in the flow of Cosmic energy for others!

You can still receive the energy by watching the LIVE replay on my page!

This is the Healing Music Meditation Music: God’s Own Frequency I listened to when sending Reiki and Crystal healing to our group. It is a very high vibration and felt very uplifting.

This was the Full Moon around 9pm…

Here is the Crystal Grid I created. After the Free Reiki event, I create a grid to send extra healing energy for the next 28 days. This flows to anyone who sent in a love donation! I do these events monthly. So you can join in anytime.

This helps to give you a nice trickle of extra energy throughout the month, to keep you focused on manifesting your goals and healing.

Our messages for this Eclipse, spoke of Magic, Transition(ing), Clarity, Dreams, and reminded us it is time to Soar! Time to step out of hiding and let our light shine so bright!

Such great affirmations and intentions to tap into for the coming moon cycle.

Tonight’s energy was all about healing our Heart Chakras, karmic ties, and helping us to finally break free from last year’s energy and keep moving forward.

I hope this Eclipse energy helps you grow leaps and bounds!!

Ocean Blessings sent your way!

Sarah 💎💙

The Goddess and the Dragon

Do you believe in Fairies and Dragons?Marianna-Sarah-Freya

Then I have an adventure for you! Come to the Meet and greet with the Mystic Nordic Fairy Goddess Freya!

The energy of Freya will uplift and mystify you! The bonus of it all is invoking the Red Dragon!

Join Marianna Y. Smith and Sarah Chapman for a night of Energy adventure. You never know what going to appear.

Do you want to surround yourself in the energy of a powerful the Queen fairy and a Red Dragon?

The Fairy Goddess Freya is a Goddess of Love, Fertility, and Inner Strength!

Feel Freya’s mystical energy helps you invoke your inner magic and transform your life.

The Arcturian Dragon Inner Fire Activation will propel you to new heights!

  • motivation
  • acceleration
  • mystical energy
  • Uncovering dormant passion
  • Clarity activation
  • Activation of authenticity, and visibility
  • Amplifying to energy of desire to bring it into reality

Ride on the energy of the Red Dragon to meet the Fairy Queen on her Day!

Join Marianna and Sarah in a powerful session Friday, March 9th, 2018.

All this for Just $22. Sign up here>>

You can’t miss this opportunity!

Arcturian Ocean Healing – SoundCloud

Hello Ocean Dreamers. This is a 16 minute recorded meditation I just created, in order to bring you physical comfort and peace, throughout your day. Calling in the Arcturian guides and Ocean Element. I hope you enjoy this.

Please comment below with any feedback and if you really loved it, please share.

Listen to Arcturian Ocean Healing by Ocean Dreams Reiki #np on #SoundCloud

~Ocean Blessings~


All Rights Reserved. Ocean Dreams Reiki 2018

Seashell Meditation – Jan 2, 2018

I recorded this Seashell Meditation last night. It is infused with Reiki healing energy to flow to you, as you listen. This meditation is taken from the book Seashell Therapy by George Toth.

Listen here:

Let me know how you liked it, and if it helped you to relax. Please share any seashells you may have seen or if their name popped up in your head.

~Ocean Blessings~


Ocean Dreams Reiki #np on #SoundCloud