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I added a new Essential Oil Energy video to my YouTube Playlist. Almost done with A to Z oils. Make sure to check them all out.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the oils mentioned in the videos, just message me for more information.

The oils are from Wisdom of the Earth. A woman owned company! They are based out of the Sedona, Arizona area. They work with farmers who spend time in ritual with each oil they press.

Artisan farmers, Heart-based suppliers and Shared values with our Suppliers, Students and Clients. We believe that it is important to maximize the plant-human relationship, as we feel that increases the healing power of the essences.”


Aromatic Power Couple for Winter

Nutmeg & Red Spruce Essential Oils

🔥Nutmeg Seed and Red Spruce oils🔥 Power combo for the month!

Working with Nutmeg on your Solar and Sacral chakras, seem to really kick you into high gear when focusing on a particular goal. Her spicy, warm smell is comforting and alluring. She awakens the strength deep within you. Supporting you every step of the way, while navigating through your goals.
She’s what kick started my weight loss into gear this past year. I try to work with her quite often during the winter months, when I am feeling sluggish and a bit blue. Her energy reminds me of when I used to do oil painting, and would grab the burnt sienna. A deep brownish orange. The color of nutmeg, cinnamon sticks or fall leaves.

Her partner is Red Spruce. I was guided to grab her off the shelf tonight, when I was thinking about attracting prosperity. I rubbed the oil in my hands, on my Citrine crystal, and some on my Solar Plexus and Sacral chakras. I was pretty pumped the rest of the night. I had laser focus on a goal I was working on. Clarity on how to achieve it. And she even helped me get the dishes done. I didn’t want to wake up dreading the day, by starting with chores. She gave me the motivation to clear the clutter, so I could have some peace of mind later.

I am really excited to work with these two beautiful essences* the rest of the month. They bring a sort of childlike giddiness to your life!

🌟If you would like your own power set to co-create with, let me know!🌟 A set of two trial size bottles are $11.11 plus $5 shipping (domestic USA).

*Why refer to them as essences? In the Wisdom of the Earth company, they teach us that we are working with the “essence” of the plant. So they will often refer to them as essences, instead of essential oils. I find that comforting and nurturing.

Ocean Blessings,


Using Essential Oils

I wanted to give a shoutout to my friend Katie at Essential Journeying. I have been asking her for the past few years to hold online essential oil classes, because I really wanted to learn more from someone that was certified in oils.

The Wisdom of the Earth oils she sells are divine! And Katie is such a knowledgeable, fun-loving, and compassionate soul to learn from.

So since the big Quarantine happenned, she started teaching classes through Zoom sessions on Wednesday nights! This is awesome, because I am too far from Arizona, where she is located.

Oh my Goddess, I have learned so much in the past few months about working with these oils, even yoga, and healing myself on new levels!

I really feel since I started to work with the energy of the oils, what she teaches, it has made big changes in my life.

My confidence has grown, I have started to lose weight and eat healthy (finally), and learned to appreciate the oils for how they affect change in our bodies and auras. Not just how they smell. I am even incorporating the oils into my distance Reiki sessions. I also have a full bedtime routine to help me sleep as well. And the manifesting oils in the photo above, really have helped!

So if you have ever been curious about working with Essential Oils on a deeper level. Then checkout Katie’s next class. She has signs ups for July already, and I guarantee you won’t be dissapointed! And you get to hang out with some other cool ladies that are on a similar journey.

Check out Katie here:

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On her website for classes:

Just tell her Sarah sent you 🥰

Ocean Blessings sent your way!