Crystal Healing Sessions

Crystal Grid for Radiant Health

Have you seen my new announcement about my Crystal Reiki healing sessions?

I am now offering specific distant Crystal Healing sessions. You pick an area in your life you would like some extra TLC, and I create a grid and send you Crystal Reiki energy.

See all my offerings here, and the session details:

Crystal Grid for Love

I was also thinking maybe it would be cool to add one more option!
What about a Group healing grid, focusing on one of the grid themes each month? 💞
If we get at least 11 people to sign up, we will set the Group sessions up, and they will be 22 a month, instead of the individual session at 33 U S D.
This helps people save a little, yet still get the same amount of crystal energy!
If you’re interested, invite a friend and let’s get our first group of 11 going! 💞
Comment below or email me if you’re interested. I will add your name to the list until we get all our people.

I am really excited about offering these sessions! I have been doing Reiki and Crystal Healing for over 7 years now. I love being able to combine them in an easy way.

Crystal Grid for Releasing Depression

Sometimes people just need a little help to ease them into starting their own healing journey. Sometimes they could just use a little boost. I love to empower others. Even though I am creating the grid, you are setting the intention. And there is enormous power in that.

~Ocean Blessings~


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