Power Word Day 3

Prosperity. I had to reflect on how that came into my life today.

It seems I will be drawing my word at night and reflecting on how it reverberated throughout my day. Mornings are tough, being a homeschooling Mom. And I am not an early riser. So I can’t always get a morning meditation in.

But I am determined to reflect on a word a day, no matter what time I get to sit down with my intention jar.

Anyway onto Prosperity. I would say simply, having enough money leftover after paying bills to stock up on extra groceries. Shows I was prosperous. Having extra time to prep for the possible impending blizzard. Was prosperous. Having time to watch a show that I like, before doing the dishes. To me that is prosperity!

It doesn’t always have to be money in your hands. Prosperity can come in various ways.

So what word did you choose for the day? Or if you are following along with me, how did Prosperity come into your life?

Sending you all blessings of love and light!

Sarah Www.oceandreamsreiki.com

#reiki #prosperity #oceandreamsreiki #powerwordday3


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