Walking the Druid Path


It’s been an on and off path of mine, to delve into the mysteries of the Druids. I have always felt a strong connection to nature, the Land, Sea, and Sky. I have walked through forests in Alaska, Hawaii, Oregon, and Rhode Island, with the tallest trees covered in beautiful mosses or leaves. I have sat by the shore, allowing my toes to be kissed by the sand in all those places as well. Letting my worries be washed away by the sea. I have drifted off daydreaming, rose above in meditation, in trance, connecting with the sky above, the clouds drifting by, or the sparkling icy blue stars. But when walking among the green, green hills in Ireland. My spirit started to slowly be renewed. My calling back to the Celtic path, became so abundantly clear.

Walking through the labyrinth, holding a candle infused with Brighid’s healing energy. Walking miles at the ancient Hill of Tara, to be greeted on the way out, by Cernunnos. The energy of the old Gods was still present. Subdued but still alive.I knew it was time that this soul spark would be reignited. A slow flame that is growing brighter, as I fly away from this beautiful Ireland.

It’s time to come back to the path of old. To co-mingle the energies of what may seem old with new. For it really isn’t anything but one. One time, one space, one deep seated joy in my heart.

Hail to the old ways. Bridget, Bride, Brighid has strengthened the sacred flame in my soul. Cernunnos, Green Man, Pan has entangled me in the deep mysteries of the land once more.I am ready to allow my inner shaman to come forth. To blossom into the cosmic being, powerful yet humble, divine yet grounded. Blending the ways of the world, with spirit. Bringing forth my Dragon roar, and also speaking softly as a cool, winding stream.

As I leave this land, I take these evolving memories into a new dawn. A new life. Following the path back to the sacred well and all the cosmic knowledge it holds.

~☆Blessings of the Land, Sea, and Sky☆~ Sarah



Positive Vibes

After writing a blog post earlier, I cleared my energy with Reiki and a few essential oils.

  • I placed Black Spruce on my crown chakra for grounding and disconnecting from negativity.
  • Blue Spruce on my throat chakra for speaking my truth.
  • Fine Lavender on my heart and head for calming my body, mind, and spirit.
Blue Spruce oil

This powerful combination really helped to clear my energy, and bring me clarity!

I decided I felt more vibrant and open to working with the New Moon energies. So I grabbed my Mermaids and Dolphin deck to do a few short readings for my Facebook page followers. Lots of positive and concise messages came through.

Then I drew one for myself. I received the Spotted Dolphin, card Number 44. It’s message is “There is Always something positive in the future.”

Spotted Dolphin: Happiness

Was spirit listening to me earlier or what?! I really needed to hear this. And confirm to myself. There is no need to stay in an emotional funk.

It’s time for me to be really open to this new transition, this new chapter in my life. To transform the old through the New Moon energies. Wash my body, mind, and Spirit clean with the Water energy of our current Zodiac friend, Cancer the Crab.

It’s time to shed that outgrown shell. Release those old habits and ideas. And prepare for a new home!

The Spotted Dolphin with its black and white dots, represents Balance. It brings Happiness and answers your call to Spirit.

Interesting that the Dolphins work with High Frequency tones, and this morning I was listening to youtube videos playing 528 hz pure tones.

Then I used my Healy device that emits frequencies to help reduce pain.


I think this Dolphin card is “Spot on” indeed!

I was doing exactly what I needed all day, to bring me to this point of clear energy and light. Ready to take on the future and make it my best yet!

I hope the New Moon blesses you with exactly what you need. Send out your message to the Universe and await its reply.

Ocean Blessings,



From Sea to Shining Sea

Rhode Island Beaches

Just 5 days away from leaving Rhode Island and still not sure why the Universe sent us here for 3 long years. I think I can count on one hand the amount of nice people I met here.

East Coast vs West Coast. We kept saying West Coast is the best Coast and so the Universe listened.

But I still don’t get it. Why did we even have to come to RI… ever have those moments in your life, where you are like why?!

I lost my Mom while I was here. I had surgery while I was here. My hubby was gone most of the 3 years it seemed. He’s had a tough time too.

We did get to go on a few adventures here. Hubby and I went to Greece/Ireland. We took the kids to Niagra Falls, and Florida. Sped up to Vermont and New Hampshire, and even Salem and Cape Cod, MA for day trips. My Sister came and visited me twice here! Thank Goodness.

But did we grow here. Maybe? Seems just feeling a little more bitter somedays instead of brighter. But that could be the current weather. The energy has been pretty tough in fact. With CV rampant, Schumnann Resonance spiking. Too many Planets retrograde. Ugh. I know Reiki and Crystals are the glue that keeps me together most days!!

I am hoping that the New Moon will infuse some hope into my life though. I know I shouldn’t be hard on myself. Moving is a big stressor. In fact we move every 2 to 4 years. So we always feel unsettled. Not grounded. Never knowing what it feels like to have true stability.

So maybe going back to Oregon is what we need. Last time we were only there 2 years, so maybe we have some work to do there, that we could only accomplish after this stint on the East Coast. Well we shall see.

During meditation one time, I did receive a message that I was supposed to do some water healing on the coast, north of where we will live in Oregon. Maybe once I get there, things will become clearer. So many maybes you say.

Well I have a lot of Water and Air in my chart. Wishy washy is my middle name. Haha

Either way, I am so ready for our next Adventure. I guess that’s what Military life is about. One big adventure of NOT your choosing sometimes. But you try and make the most of it. Carpe diem. Que Sera, Sera!

Fingers crossed please we have better luck in this next place. I heard its beautiful there. Everywhere on the Oregon Coast is beautiful in fact! I need to remember that, as I transition to my new home.

Not my typical post. But this New Moon and Sun in Cancer has me feeling all the feels! I’m sure as the energy shifts, so will my thoughts and attention.

But right now I am allowing myself to get lost in the sea of emotions. You may have gotten lost in my words. Shifting back and forth. Sorry, I do that sometimes.

One thing to know though, is honor your feelings, and remember tomorrow is a new day, and a new way of being.

Wishing you the best in this summer season. Or winter if you are living down under!

Blessed Be!

🥰 Sarah

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Oregon Coast

Waiting for the Fog to Lift

Fog: Veiled

(Image of Earth Magic oracle card of the FOG, along with clear quartz, herkimer, and smokey quartz crystals to bring in clarity and grounding.)

This card tells us to hold still until the Fog has cleared. This is a week of reflection and inner work, while we wait for the veil to lift. Take time to see what you need to heal.

Ask your guides for some clarity, while you wait out the storms. Don’t jump ahead or you’ll get lost and possibly blind sided. This is a time to retreat, relax, and re-wind. Then when the sky has cleared, you can jump forward, with new plans and new ideas.

I went into a little more discussion in my video on facebook. Here’s the link: Ocean Dreams Reiki

Have you felt like you are wading through the Fog right now too?

Sending Reiki for clarity and peace for all.

Ocean Blessings, Sarah


Using Essential Oils

I wanted to give a shoutout to my friend Katie at Essential Journeying. I have been asking her for the past few years to hold online essential oil classes, because I really wanted to learn more from someone that was certified in oils.

The Wisdom of the Earth oils she sells are divine! And Katie is such a knowledgeable, fun-loving, and compassionate soul to learn from.

So since the big Quarantine happenned, she started teaching classes through Zoom sessions on Wednesday nights! This is awesome, because I am too far from Arizona, where she is located.

Oh my Goddess, I have learned so much in the past few months about working with these oils, even yoga, and healing myself on new levels!

I really feel since I started to work with the energy of the oils, what she teaches, it has made big changes in my life.

My confidence has grown, I have started to lose weight and eat healthy (finally), and learned to appreciate the oils for how they affect change in our bodies and auras. Not just how they smell. I am even incorporating the oils into my distance Reiki sessions. I also have a full bedtime routine to help me sleep as well. And the manifesting oils in the photo above, really have helped!

So if you have ever been curious about working with Essential Oils on a deeper level. Then checkout Katie’s next class. She has signs ups for July already, and I guarantee you won’t be dissapointed! And you get to hang out with some other cool ladies that are on a similar journey.

Check out Katie here:

on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/theoilandcrystallady/

On her website for classes: https://www.essentialjourneying.com/june-zoom

Just tell her Sarah sent you 🥰

Ocean Blessings sent your way! Www.seadruid.wixsite.com/oceandreamsreiki

Summer Solstice by the Sea

I spent the Solstice by the sea with my family. I did however get to walk the beach in solitude, and do a simple ritual that was discussed on the #incamedicineschool page.

Feet in the Rhode Island sea

🌊It involved collecting five rocks and speaking to them about what you wanted to release. After you follow the ritual, you offer them back to the sea. It was very beautiful and perfect for the energy.

🌊I was then gifted a moon and a sun shaped shell from the beach! It was a magickal and sacred moment for me.

Moon and Sun Seashells

🌊The other day I was also gifted this heart shaped rock, while walking the same beach. I was telling everyone in my facebook live, that this has become a sacred beach for me over the past 3 years. My family come here often to play in the water, collect shells and seaglass, and even to meditate. We’ve seen horseshoe crabs, fish, jellyfish, and other sea creatures. It has become a magickal place! And in return for the love the beach and sea have given us, we send Reiki to it everytime we visit. So as I was saying, when I was telling everyone how we heal the sea here, I looked down and at that moment, saw this heart sticking out of the sand.

Heart shaped rock from the sea

Well, I hope you all had a wonderful Solstice and New Moon, and found time to connect with Spirit and nature.
🌊Ocean Blessings, Sarah🌊


Mercury Retrograde in Cancer

Mercury Retrograde Crystals

Mercury will be going Retrograde in Cancer. Below I talk about the energy of this time period, a few Goddesses you can connnect eith, and of course a handful of crystals to aid you.

Cancer is a water sign, that brings up deep emotions needing to be cleansed and healed. Cancer is considered the Mother of the Zodiac. So any unresolved Mother issues may come up at this time to be dealt with. Whether it is a mother figure or your own mothering abilities. Remember to be kind and compassionate to yourself, when working through this time.

You may consider calling on Kuan Yin, the Goddess of Compassion, Mothers and Children. Or perhaps Goddess Isis, who is often considered the Mother Goddess to all. For me she represents strength and empowerment, that has gotten me through major periods of transformation. Or perhaps Mother Mary you may resonate with. Ask the Universe to see who you need to connect with the most at this time.

Then grab one or all of these amazing crystals below, and spend some time in meditation with them. Asking for them to help nurture you through the next six weeks of Mercury Retrograde.

💎Labradorite for grounding and protection
💎Quartz for Clarity
💎Lepidolite for calming nerves
💎Iolite for connecting to Intuition
💎Rose Quartz for compassion and love
💎Fluorite for focus during the chaos

Which crystals are you working with right now?

And remember to just go with the flow of the energy at the time. It may feel like the waves of emotions are pulling you down. But the Universe has your back. Keep swimming, like the Endurance card shows us. Call on the power of the Mermaids to guide you right through June and July. Also ask Mercury, to help you maintain smooth sailing!

Ocean Blessings,



Endurance : Keep Going

Healing Heart

Earlier today I had a Reiki attunement for a client.
I started off the day pretty heavy hearted over the state of the world, and wasn’t sure I would be up for it, by our scheduled time.

But by stepping back and doing heart healing on myself, I was able to transmute that energy through Reiki, and raise my vibration. After the Attunement it raised even more.

Throughout the day, I kept going to my heart space when things came up. Finally, tonight I was in a group clearing that was amazing, and that really brought my spirit back up.

I can go to bed now feeling, so grateful, so blessed, and so happy that I was able to lift myself up and attract the right energy to me.

That I was able to heal my heart, hold space for others to heal, and even send healing to the Earth.

Sometimes, we just have to look outside of ourselves for a brief moment to gain perspective. To teach ourselves how to bring in balance, and be able to move forward.

One thing I really love to do is focus on the Heart Chakra. If we don’t spend enough time loving ourselves, then it makes it harder to truly love others.

None of us are perfect. Even Healers need healing and help from outside ourselves. So never feel like you can’t find help or you don’t deserve it. We all do. We all deserve to heal our hearts. We all deserve forgiveness and love.

If you cannot do that for yourself, I would be honored to guide you through that during a Reiki session.

I am grateful to have gone through my own experiences, because they help me to help others. They have taught me to have love and compassion for myself, which allows me to hold space for you to do the same.

I just want you to know, I am here if you need a hand. If you need a guide back to loving you. 💞

Ocean Blessings, Sarah


Happy Earth Day

Earth Day Blessings sent Your way!

It’s the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day. Today is a day to send gratitude for Mother Earth. To thank her for sheltering and protecting us, for sustaining us through air, water, and nutrients. For giving us life. And cradling us when we die. For allowing us to be part of the beautiful cycle of creation.

I found this prayer on the ADF website.

Giver of life, great Mother Earth, 
To each of the Kindred you gave birth:
Children of wisdom, cunning and skill;
Children of wing, leaf, paw and gill;
Children of sword, book, plow and drum;
God, Man and Spirit, from you we come.

Lady of river, grain, milk and sea,
Source of the land’s fertility: 
Provider of each herb, bush and tree;
Provider of each fish, cow and bee;
Provider of each gem, stone and ore;
With your bounty, we want for no more.

Queen of the Tribe, beauty pristine,
Adorned in blue, white, brown and green,
Chooser of leaders, wife of the king,
Chooser of heroes, their victory bring,
Chooser of price for those who defy,
On your good will we ever rely.

Giver of life, great Mother Earth, 
To each of the Kindred you gave birth,
Lady of river, grain, milk and sea,
Source of the land’s fertility,
We thank you for all the gifts that you give,
This beautiful world, on which we live.

By Rev. Kathleen Pezza

I hope you are able to get outside today, bask in the sun, hug a tree, plant your bare fet on the Earth, Sand, or Rock. Just breathe deep and give thanks. And send some healing to the Great Momma too!

Peace, Love, and Reiki Blessings, Sarah 🌳🌊🌤

Crystal Chat: Letter C

We discuss three wonderful crystals this week. All starting with the letter C. All a slightly different vibration.

Watch the video here: https://youtu.be/4KjGQOXIvuI

Calcite, Optical: a high vibration stone, that calls to me when I am seeking Clarity! It’s clear, yet frosted. Similar looking to Quartz, minus it’s shape.

Celestite: a light blue, soothing stone. Many people hold this in meditation while working with their spiritual guides or Angels.

Citrine: an overall happy stone, that everyone should have in their collection.

Make sure to watch the video to learn more. Please subscribe, like, and comment too! I would love to hear what you use these stones for.

Many Blessings, Sarah