FULL Moon in Leo/Eclipse Reiki Event

A photo of the Eclipse around 11pm

Tonight I sent Reiki over at my page Ocean Dreams Reiki and Crystals for the Full Moon and Eclipse!

To say it was powerful, was an understatement! The energy coming through from the Universe, combined with the Crystals I was holding. Fluorite, Blue Chalcedony, Blue Kyanite, Apophyllite, Clear Quartz, plus ones in my pocket. Can we say Zzzzzzing! Thank you Universe for allowing me to be a clear channel to usher in the flow of Cosmic energy for others!

You can still receive the energy by watching the LIVE replay on my page!

This is the Healing Music Meditation Music: God’s Own Frequency I listened to when sending Reiki and Crystal healing to our group. It is a very high vibration and felt very uplifting.

This was the Full Moon around 9pm…

Here is the Crystal Grid I created. After the Free Reiki event, I create a grid to send extra healing energy for the next 28 days. This flows to anyone who sent in a love donation! I do these events monthly. So you can join in anytime.

This helps to give you a nice trickle of extra energy throughout the month, to keep you focused on manifesting your goals and healing.

Our messages for this Eclipse, spoke of Magic, Transition(ing), Clarity, Dreams, and reminded us it is time to Soar! Time to step out of hiding and let our light shine so bright!

Such great affirmations and intentions to tap into for the coming moon cycle.

Tonight’s energy was all about healing our Heart Chakras, karmic ties, and helping us to finally break free from last year’s energy and keep moving forward.

I hope this Eclipse energy helps you grow leaps and bounds!!

Ocean Blessings sent your way!

Sarah 💎💙


Ho’oponopono Prayer

During a Reiki session last night, the Ho’oponopono Prayer came through for my lovely client. I was introduced to it, when I lived in Hawaii. But haven’t practiced it too much. I think its time to delve into this again.

It is a wonderful way to start each day. Focusing your thoughts on Forgiveness and Love. This is said to be a mindful practice, that can even heal generations of ancestors.

Start by taking deep breaths upon waking, hands to your heart, or lay them open in front of you, and state the prayer outloud.

This would be even lovelier to recite, when standing on the beach, or in a forest, connecting to nature.

You can use Reiki or do EFT Tapping, when reciting, to increase the power of the prayer.

I also suggests holding crystals as well, such as Rose Quartz, Lepidolite, or Apache Tears. They are stones that help release anxiety, bring in peace, and self love.

I also found an article, that has lots of information about the practice!


Give it a try and let us know your results!
Do you already use Ho’oponopono in your practice? How has it helped you?

~Ocean Blessings~

Wednesday’s Wisdom 11/28

Wednesday’s Wisdom:
A time for energy and growth. Learning new spiritual ways, to bring positive change into your life. We will have to use our intuition, and be aware, of those who want to sabatoge our happiness. Time to cut cords and move on, for your highest good!

♡ Reiki sent for New Beginnings, if you choose to receive. Leave me a comment below. ♡

~Ocean Blessings~ ♡Sarah♡

P.s. If you would like a personal reading, contact me on Facebook at: OceanDreamsReiki


This seems to be the word for the past week. In my Circle of Sisters, we realized we needed to tighten up our protection indeed.

I think when people see how others are sharing their light, doing what they love, they become quick to judge and be jealous.

I have had issues myself with this too. Being a Scorpio, we often jump to judgments and assumptions, before we do our detective work, to uncover the truths. We go off our emotions. Instead we need to stop, and listen.

It is a good reminder for everyone, to take a step back and think before you act/speak/or judge.

Even a split second thought can have so much emotion behind it, you can unknowingly send daggers to people you care about.

So call on the Crab this week, for continued support and protection. Abandon your old shell if you need, and find a new one. Just know, you are safe wherever you go!

Ocean Blessings of Light and Love,



Crystal Grids and how to Work with them!

I have been working with crystals and grids for years now. I have a lot of people always asking me, what do I do with the crystals, once I purchase them.

Well there are lots of ways to incorporate crystals and their energies into your lives. And gridding is one of my favorite, fun ways!

It’s almost like the satisfaction my boys get, when creating with Legos!

I have done several Facebook Lives mentioning how to work with grids, but this week I am going to create an updated one. And get that up on my Youtube channel that has been lifeless for awhile now.

So keep a look out. Get excited. And if you have any crystal grid questions, get them ready so we can discuss them!

I promise to make this simple for everyone. Because simple is the best way to manifest! I have some pretty complicated looking grids on my bookshelf. But I always find the ones, I made quickly, without too much planning or overthinking, sometimes work best!

Let me know if you have constructed crystal grids before or not? If yes, do you have a favorite grid design?

~☆Crystal Blessings☆~


P.s. if you are looking for a starter grid set, the one above is available! Just message me at: Ocean Dreams Reiki

Ocean Dreamers Holiday Faire


We have a Metaphysical Holiday Faire going on in my Facebook group: Ocean Dreams Crystals. There are 9 amazing ladies selling their Energy Infused wares. Everything from Crystals, Oils, Paintings, Statues, Jewelry, Essences, and more!


All these women, are amazing Moms, who have done so much for their families and communities. So please come out to support them.

We have a Vendor Spotlight on Suzy Capra today, she is helping to rescue animals in the Camp Fire in California. And she is accepting donations for that.

We would be honored for you to come join us and even if you cannot buy anything, by showing love and support through Hearts on our posts or sharing them, is pretty awesome too!

Many Blessings for you during the Holidays!

Sarah and the Ocean Dream Team


Triple Heart Healers

Triple Heart Healers of the Crystal World.

At least in my opinion. There are lots of other heart centered stones out there. But these all called to me for a reason. These crystals work on all 3 levels of your heart chakras: higher, middle, lower. Yep, we have 3!

There are actually more chakras, than the main 7 everyone has talked about. We have actually started to shift to 12 to 15 a few years back.

So for those of you who want to really go deep into the emotional work, while still remaining calm as things come up to the surface. I recommend working with this trio.

First up is 💎Lepidolite💜
Lepidolite is a soothing calming stonethat will help you if you are feeling anxious, stressed or depressed.
This is an excellent stress relief stone, as it contains lithium.
The vibration of this stone works within all chakras, but it highly effective within the highest chakras.
It has a positive vibration that stimulates positive coincidence or synchronicity.
It brings emotional healing and helps you get deeper into meditation. Works with Heart, Crown, and Throat Chakras.

Next is 💎Hemimorphite💙
Sometimes called the “Buddha Stone”, Hemimorphite reduces anger and selfishness so that you can gain a sense of peace among those around you, without being over-bearing or obsessive, thus allowing them their space and encouraging a better, more relaxed and loving atmosphere.
Physically, Hemimorphite helps with blood disorders; alleviates headaches as well as other pain; balances the hormones, and helps maintain a normal appetite, especially during dieting. Works with Throat and Higher Heart Chakras.

Finally there is 💎Malachite💚

This is an awesome stone for Heart, Throat, and I believe Sacral Chakra healing too. It is associated with the power of renewal and fertility. It has been known to lower blood pressure, and also aid women with cramps during menstruation. It was also used as a protection stone during ancient times.

All infused with Reiki energy for your highest good!

I hope you enjoyed this article on these three beautiful crystals. You can work with one or all 3. Use your intuition!

If you are interested, I have 2 sets left in my shop OceanDreamsCrystals.

~Ocean Blessings~