Walking the Druid Path


It’s been an on and off path of mine, to delve into the mysteries of the Druids. I have always felt a strong connection to nature, the Land, Sea, and Sky. I have walked through forests in Alaska, Hawaii, Oregon, and Rhode Island, with the tallest trees covered in beautiful mosses or leaves. I have sat by the shore, allowing my toes to be kissed by the sand in all those places as well. Letting my worries be washed away by the sea. I have drifted off daydreaming, rose above in meditation, in trance, connecting with the sky above, the clouds drifting by, or the sparkling icy blue stars. But when walking among the green, green hills in Ireland. My spirit started to slowly be renewed. My calling back to the Celtic path, became so abundantly clear.

Walking through the labyrinth, holding a candle infused with Brighid’s healing energy. Walking miles at the ancient Hill of Tara, to be greeted on the way out, by Cernunnos. The energy of the old Gods was still present. Subdued but still alive.I knew it was time that this soul spark would be reignited. A slow flame that is growing brighter, as I fly away from this beautiful Ireland.

It’s time to come back to the path of old. To co-mingle the energies of what may seem old with new. For it really isn’t anything but one. One time, one space, one deep seated joy in my heart.

Hail to the old ways. Bridget, Bride, Brighid has strengthened the sacred flame in my soul. Cernunnos, Green Man, Pan has entangled me in the deep mysteries of the land once more.I am ready to allow my inner shaman to come forth. To blossom into the cosmic being, powerful yet humble, divine yet grounded. Blending the ways of the world, with spirit. Bringing forth my Dragon roar, and also speaking softly as a cool, winding stream.

As I leave this land, I take these evolving memories into a new dawn. A new life. Following the path back to the sacred well and all the cosmic knowledge it holds.

~☆Blessings of the Land, Sea, and Sky☆~ Sarah



Watch “Full Moon Healing with Kuan Yin” on YouTube

Sending Healing energy to everyone on this Full Moon night!

Follow the link to receive the energy! https://youtu.be/m1pw8p1kl5a

~Ocean Blessings~


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Sea Witch, Sea Druid, Ocean Priestess

I’m excited to share this Interview I did recently for my fellow Water Witch!

This interview talks about my path to Sea Witchery, Reiki, and a sacred water source, I like to visit.

Head over here and let me know if you have any questions! https://www.patheos.com/blogs/waterwitch/2019/07/interview-with-a-water-priestess-sarah-chapman.html Interview with Sarah Chapman

Check out Annwyn’s page for more interviews and information on Water Witchery: AvalonPriestess

~Ocean Blessings~


“June Full Moon in Sagittarius, Oracle Reading and Crystal Chat” on YouTube

My latest video is up on my Youtube channel. Come by and subscribe!


I hope to post videos weekly soon over there.

Whether it’s like a Reading in this video, a crystal chat, or a Distance Reiki session.

I would be grateful for new friends over there.

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Oh and while you are visiting pages, we have our Full Moon Sale going on over at our group Abundant Treasures and Healings on Facebook.

Ocean Blessings and Happy Full Moon!


Ocean Dreams Reiki Special!


(Image of the sea at sunset in Tolo, Greece, outside our waterfront hotel!)

Hello Lovely Ocean Dreamers!

I am back from vacation, and feeling so loving and grateful for my life! I wanted to share this happy energy with the world! The energy of the relaxing ocean at sunset. To bring you a sense of calm, inner peace, gratitude, and harmony. Helping you to go with the flow, and relax into creating your dreams!

I am offering this special for the month of June (but you can still purchase it these last days of May). If you BOOK 4 relaxing Reiki Sessions, you Get 1 Free. You can even gift some of these sessions to family members!

They are 30 minute, Distance Ocean Reiki Sessions for relaxation, peace, harmony, and balance. I layer each session with Ocean Reiki and Crystal Healing, as well. I will also choose an Oracle card for you at each session. Then I will email you a photo of the crystals and card after the session is over.

We can set up a time. Usually in the evening, when you are able to relax the most. I am in the Eastern Time Zone, so I usually do sessions after 9pm when my little ones are asleep. But I am a bit more flexible with sessions on Sundays.

We can spread these sessions out over 5 weeks, if they are just for you. Or over 5 months, Or if you really need an extra boost of healing, we could do 2 sessions a week. It’s up to you! And if you are gifting one of the sessions with a family member, we will set up a time for them.

You can even receive Reiki when you are working or sleeping! Or we can set the intention for you to receive it when you need it the most, through the day. For example if you are having an exam at school, a doctor’s appt. or surgery etc.

Reiki has its own intelligence and will flow at the perfect time for you!

So treat yourself to some loving care and Book a Session today!

~*Blessings of the Land, Sea, and Sky sent your way!*~


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Cernunnos, God of the Green


(Image above is thought to be Cernunnos on the standing stone, at the Hill of Tara, Ireland).

They walked for miles and miles across the gracious green land.

Bright was the sky and soft was this patch of earth.

Hills and mounds and long lengthy curves.

Around the bend, a statue standing tall.

Not knowing its true meaning, but those who have come before, can only guess.

This figure with its haunting eyes.

Staring back at you, as if it wants to reveal hidden secrets.

Only ones you would understand.

So many people pass him by.

Letting him go unnoticed over the ages.

But you are drawn to him.

Like a firefly to the light.

Your soul is being called to delve deep.

The mysteries of this sacred glen, are there ready to be revealed.

Only when the light in your soul calls forth.

Stand here in awe and amazement, of how the world has moved forward.

Yet it also has gone so far behind.

Sit here and take a moment of quiet contemplation.

Open your heart, and allow truths to be spring forth.

Allow yourself to truly feel.

Imagine this prescence standing the test of time.

As the stars swirl by.

As the land grows cold.

As the people live and eventually expire.

This being. This light. This stone. Druid. God. Wanderer. Messenger of Old.

He passes the torch.

Take in the power.

The knowledge.

The hope.

©️2019 Sarah Chapman

Aries Season – Triple Threat

So Mercury just shifted into Aries… for the next several weeks!

Mercury is the planet of communication.
♈Aries is the planet of War!

And the Sun is in Aries.

And Chiron (the Wounded Healer) is in Aries.

Talk about explosive!!🔥

Emotions are heated. Watch your tempers and most importantly your words.

I watched this today on the playground. All the kids were arguing with each other. Having meltdowns. Fighting over things, they would normally be happy about.
Oy!!! I am like WTF is going on!

Well now I know. Lol.

Stay grounded. Meditate. Walk away before you piss someone off, that you care about.

Time to chill. Use all that Aries energy for creativity and healing instead. Jump start your dreams. Just don’t let anyone stand in your way, or they may get slapped. 😉

If you need a little help bringing the calming energies in, then come book an Ocean Reiki relaxing session! We can focus on counteracting those Fire energies, with soothing water.

~Ocean Blessings~